Responsible Business Practices

We live our values through responsible business practices. We believe that embedding responsible business practices throughout our organization enables us to identify and mitigate risks related to the environment, stakeholder relations and governance, as well as attract and retain talent and reduce our environmental impact.

Operating Quality Properties

We strive to operate quality properties while minimizing unnecessary waste and prioritizing resource efficiency. We recognize the importance of making thoughtful choices in our operations. Leveraging technology, we have streamlined our processes to significantly reduce paper usage in our resident interactions, where applications, service requests, and lease agreements are digitized. This not only enhances convenience but also contributes to reduced paper waste.

Our renovation approach centers around maximizing resource utility to reduce waste, opting for replacement only when necessary. Emphasizing practicality and sustainability, we implement measures such as surface hardening for countertops and flooring. By prioritizing durability and longevity, we aim to reduce resource consumption and minimize the environmental impact associated with frequent replacements. When we replace appliances and other major home elements, we prioritize energy-efficient appliances and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Acting As a Trusted Partner

We understand that our greatest asset is our network of stakeholders, and we are committed to supporting all that are involved in our business. Our standard of care guides our relationships with residents, vendors, employees, communities and investors alike. We understand that our success is inherently tied to the well-being of the individuals and communities we engage with, and we actively strive to foster an environment that reflects this commitment.

The heart of our organization is our diverse and dedicated team. Evergreen is proud to provide what we believe to be a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that includes paid parental leave, bereavement support, and time off for voting. We also offer 32 hours of volunteer time off for all employees annually, empowering them to contribute to causes they are passionate about.

We are committed to the well-being of our residents. Our approach to resident-conscious policies is guided by fairness. We believe in treating every resident with respect and consideration, creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. Our policies are designed to be transparent, easily accessible, and responsive to resident feedback. We endeavor to address our residents’ concerns promptly and effectively.

Ensuring High Standards of Governance

We are committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, governance, and cybersecurity. Our dedication to ethical conduct and strong governance serves as the foundation of our operations, fostering an environment of trust, transparency, and accountability.

We have established a comprehensive framework for addressing concerns and promoting a culture of integrity. Evergreen has implemented a formal complaint procedure that includes reporting structures to address fraud and harassment. We provide an anonymous ethics hotline as well as a whistleblower hotline, ensuring that avenues for reporting are readily accessible and safeguarding those who come forward through our ‘no retaliation’ policy. Recognizing that ethics and compliance are ongoing efforts, we conduct regular training sessions on our code of conduct, anti-harassment policies, and other ethical practices.

Equity and inclusivity are central to our values, and we have established comprehensive anti-discrimination policies to ensure fairness throughout our operations. We are committed to fostering a welcoming environment free from predatory practices, discrimination, or biases, promoting equitable opportunities for all individuals and communities we serve.

Evergreen’s commitment to security and privacy aligns with our approach to governance, including adhering to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) V5 security and privacy controls. This underscores our dedication to safeguarding sensitive information, maintaining data integrity, and protecting both our stakeholders and the assets entrusted to us.

Our ethical, governance, and cybersecurity initiatives collectively underscore our commitment to responsible business practices.