Trusted Institutional Partner

Evergreen Residential provides end-to-end support for investment in small balance residential assets backed by personalized service and industry-leading expertise.

Our Business

Evergreen Residential is a turn-key small-balance residential investment platform specialized for institutional investors. Our business covers both single family residential and short-term rental strategies. Leveraging proven operational practices and deep industry experience, we partner with our investors to deploy capital and provide personalized oversight of their portfolios.

Portfolio Composition

Portfolio Composition

Our professionals conduct market research and due diligence to identify the markets and properties that align with our investors’ objectives and risk appetite. We analyze market trends, economic indicators, and property performance data to identify opportunities across our investors’ target markets.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

In collaboration with our investors, our team seeks to deliver value by streamlining operations, implementing cost-effective enhancements and refining investment strategies over time.

About Us

Evergreen Residential was founded by industry experts in 2021. We are an institutional investment platform specializing in small-balance residential assets. We combine our passion for real estate with industry leading expertise to deliver value. Our team is proudly based in Dallas, Texas.

Our Values

Evergreen is built on our cornerstone values of accountability, transparency, partnership and integrity that provide the roadmap for our business. We believe that a culture of openness, innovation, and respect empowers our teammates to achieve our objectives.

Our team is collaborative, thoughtful, open-minded and continually curious. We speak our minds, are responsible for our actions and celebrate our wins.

Responsible Business Practices

Responsible Business Practices

We live our values through responsible business practices. We believe that embedding responsible business practices throughout our organization enables us to identify and mitigate risks related to the environment, stakeholder relations and governance, as well as attract and retain talent and reduce our environmental impact.

Operating Quality Properties

We strive to operate quality properties while minimizing unnecessary waste and prioritizing resource efficiency.

Acting As a Trusted Partner

We understand that our greatest asset is our network of stakeholders, and we are committed to supporting all that are involved in our business.

Ensuring High Standards of Governance

We pursue the highest standards of ethics, governance and cybersecurity.