Our Impact


The Evergreen Residential team is committed to measurable, actionable, and practical ESG policies and programs that drive long-term value for our investors.

Environmental Stewardship

Sustainability is the operating ethos of our construction and renovation practices. We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly and durable materials, including ENERGY STAR appliances, LED lighting, carpets made from recycled materials, and low-flow plumbing fixtures. We recycle and reuse materials wherever possible and are committed to waste reduction policies.

Social Responsibility

Evergreen Residential acknowledges that our community of investors, teammates, and residents is our greatest resource.

We believe that a culture of openness, innovation, and respect empowers our teammates to push the boundaries of what we can accomplish together. We are committed to implementing effective and impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

We are proud to empower our residents to build credit and improve their financial health. Our business preserves and renovates affordable housing through investments in the communities in which we operate.


We operate with the highest expectation of integrity and transparency. We are committed to implementing and upholding best-in-class governance policies and ethical standards.

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